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I recieved this cooobokk as a gift about 9 or so years ago, when it came out. I have been using it ever since, I find it hard to cook chicken without it. It's filled with quick, easy and delicious recipes. Some are more complex than others, some are just 2-3 ingredients! You can't get more easy than that. I have tried and true recipes I know by heart now, I would recommend this cooobokk to beginners everywhere.

Yukon restaurant

This was wonderful! Made it just the way it was written! SO good! Thank you!


That's good look and its my favorite recipes. I Love Chicken and vodka wine. thanks

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It looks so delicious. yummy really lovely posting for chicken. amazing your idea i love it

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Wow! Absolutely fantastic.. Now I want to eat. Will try to make that on the weekend.

The Kindle 2 Cookbook

its looks delicious...definately i will try this...Thanks for the easy to read recipe!! your blog is really exciting...

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Ginger Sanders

We made this last night for 365 Days of Cooking With Alcohol. It was the best chicken I've ever had ANYWHERE...and it was right in my own home.
We paired it with orzo and that was perfect.


DeAnne Montgomery

This looks delicious!

Joe Jonas

The dish looks really good and it is neat how it is made with vodka. I diffidently would want to try some. Thanks for the easy to read recipe!!

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